Pick Up Truck or Van Mounted Crane

Why struggle to pick up heavy or awkward objects which may cause back injury, lost time on the job, workman’s compensation costs, attorney fees, excessive insurance costs or lost production when you can use the cost effective Ant Mini-Crane.

Inexpensive truck cranes have minimum standards, and do not have precise controllability like the Ant Mini-Crane. Some of these cranes are constructed with 5/16” steel for the boom and ½” steel plate on the base, hydraulic jacks, chain and hook.

The Ant Mini Crane can lift, lower and place in a fixed radius and achieve the objective. The Ant Mini Crane structural steel boom is designed for a normal working life of 15 years with high tensile Swedish steel. With many options available, the crane is designed with CE and DIN Highest European Standards for long life and operator safety.

The hydraulic extension of the Ant Mini Crane will allow you to pick up the load and place the load with ease in the work envelope compared to inexpensive truck cranes that have limitations with reach and weight capacities.

The Ant Crane will rotate within 180 degree radius from the mounting position and will precisely control the weight that you are lifting. The Ant Mini Crane weighs under 200 lbs. and can lift 400 lbs. at 8” 1” and up to 1,100 lbs. at 3’ 2”. An over pressure valve prevents lifting weights exceeding the allowed weight limits.

The Ant Mini Crane is ideal for Municipalities, Manufacturing companies, Contractors, delivery Services, Owners and Operators of light vehicles, Pick Up Trucks, Trailers and Vans.

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