About our company

We would like to take a brief moment of your time and introduce you to the DEL Crane product line which consists of the following.

 The first unit we offer is the DEL “Ant Mini-Crane” which weighs less than 200 pounds but can lift up to 1,100 pounds, dependent upon on the boom extension and is ideal for owners and operators of light vehicles i.e. pick up truck, trailers and van bodies.  It also can be operated with a manual hydraulic system as well as the electric/ hydraulic system with optional accessories for boom movements and rotation features.

 The second unit we offer is the DEL “Maxilift” Telescopic Mono Stiff Boom Cranes that can range in capacities up to 35,000 foot pounds with a reach of up to 22 feet and is ideal for installation on various duty vehicles.  These units have an excellent range weight to maximum loading capacity ratio with user friendly remote control system, slewing capability is 330 degrees.

 The final unit is DEL “Cobra” Telescopic Service Cranes that ranges in capacity of up to 67,000 foot pounds with a reach of up to approximately 28 feet. The ideal  application for these units are highway and off-road service trucks, mining, oil fields, waste water treatment facilities, railroad service vehicles and gas service and distribution just to mention a few applications.  These units can be provided with an electric-hydraulic power pack system and or strictly hydraulic powered systems.   We can also provide numerous varieties of DEL Maxistab” Hydraulic Stabilizers to meet your requirements.

Please contact our office to compare features, quality and price on your next application compared to other mobile crane suppliers and or manufacturers.

Thank you