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ANT Economy cranes – MAXILIFT Stiff boom cranes – COBRA Service body cranes – MAXISTAB supplementary outriggers and pads

With DEL’s commitment to you along with Next Hydraulics high European standards, DEL Hydraulics announces their appointment as a distributor of “ANT” Economy cranes, “MAXILIFT” stiff boom cranes, “COBRA” service body cranes and “MAXISTAB” supplementary outriggers and pads for various cranes.

Defy Gravity!

Truck-mounted cranes and accessories for your lifting needs.

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Ant Crane Flier

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Pick Up Truck or Van Mounted Crane

Why struggle to pick up heavy or awkward objects which may cause back injury, lost time on the job, workman’s compensation costs, attorney fees, excessive insurance costs or lost production when you can use the cost effective Ant Mini-Crane.

Inexpensive truck cranes have minimum standards, and do not have precise controllability like the Ant Mini-Crane. Some of these cranes are constructed with 5/16” steel for the boom and ½” steel plate on the base, hydraulic jacks, chain and hook.

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